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This is a site that is very similar to Gaia, but without the spammers :3
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 the good ol' rules :)

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PostSubject: the good ol' rules :)   Fri Jul 25, 2008 9:21 am

Hallo everyone, like the title says, this is the always ignored section called, 'rules'. Well, I'm so nice that I'll make a small amount of rules so you wont die or something.
1. Please do not spam, nor post, on this site if you're not a member, I hate spammers D:

2. I do not want to see any form of pornography on here, this is a nude free site due to the fact that I do not like porn, sorry to disappoint.

3. I don't mind what kind of pairings you choose here, such as Yuri Yaoi Hetero. as long as theres no cybering I'll be a happy lil' Admin.

4. whilst role playing, I do not want to see any form of Godmodding, Power playing, etc. it just takes the fun out of everything.

5. If you're having problems with another member, take it to PM's, no one else wants to read some stupid argument.

6. This site is a heaven for you sailors, I cuss a lot my self, but even so, that doesn't mean you have to use profanity after every other word.

7. Do not spam just to get your post rank up, I will either ban/remove you, or I will reduce your number of posts.

Alright, well there ya' guys go!If you have any questions, PM me or one of the moderators and tell me if theres someone breaking these rules if I didn't catch them.

The Bird of Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame.
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the good ol' rules :)
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