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 Hands of Time characters

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PostSubject: Hands of Time characters   Hands of Time characters Icon_minitimeTue Jul 29, 2008 4:23 pm

Character Name: Tsarra Whitewood
Age: 39 (19 relative to humans)
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Magical Abilities (if any) : Is learning to Sing from one of the oldest Wise Ones. Can communicate to some degree with plants and animals. Due to this connection, she often feels pain when they do, causing her to seem jumpy.
Bio: Tsarra's mother died durring childbirth, which is not uncommon in these days. Nobody seems to know who her father is. Wise One Hodoer took her in when she was just a small child, as her apprentice. Tsarra looks up to Hodoer as a mother and a teacher, and is a very enthusiastic student. She has never fit in well with the other kids, and is often teased. She dreams of lands outside of the forest, though she is considered too young to leave the village. Through the plants she can feel something evil comming, though nothing seems to know what it is.
Appearance (Pic or description) : Tsarra stands at 5'9'', which leaves her towering over most of the elves in her village. Her hair is black as a raven, and straight. It hangs down nearly to her waist. Her eyes are a dark green, and can sometimes look black. She wears and apprentices white robe almost all of the time, though she owns a few outfits of her own. On her own time she wears tan breeches and a dark green top with a high collar.

Character name: Rellik
Age: 23 (he tends to age a bit like a human, even though he's an elf.)
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Special powers: With severe emotion changes, he can switch from the Nightmare and Scraggles, two wolves representing opposite ends of the "emotional spetrum." Only the Nightmare can see.
Bio: Rellik does not have a last name; if he does, he wouldn't care any way. Obviously, he's rather apathetic about most things, and simply wanders from town to town. He's blind though (wtflol), and uses a cane to travel. He's always a bit angry, and rather quiet. He hates the fact that he's blind. Though he tries not to make it apparent, he's a very emotional person... in fact, if his emotion is severe enough, he changes forms. When he's incredibly happy or content, he turns into a very colorful wolf, of which he calls Scraggles. On the other end, when he's incredibly scared or upset, he turns into a black demon-like wolf, which he calls Nightmare. Out of the two, only Nightmare can see. Most of the time though, the two live in his head, talking to him constantly.
Appearance: He's about 5 foot 10 inches tall, has grey eyes. Very pale skin. His hair is dark brown, and very shaggy. He also wears glasses (Yeah, even though he's blind). He wears a simple dull green tunic, with a cream colored undershirt/pants, brown knee-high boots, and carries no weapons (besides his walking staff)

Character Name: Dre'noir
Age: While his age is still debated among the Bards it is commonly known that his age is somewhere between one thousand and one thousand five hundred. Dre'noir is believed to have seen at least two Ages (500 years).
Gender: Male
Race: Shajani. Dre'noir is one of the few remaining members of the Ancient Shajani bloodline. The Shajani were Men once, or Elves, the topic is debatable, but most tales depict them being of Human descent. The Shajani were once a small tribe of Humans who lived on the plains below a mountian range, called Shajan by the Elves. Within the Mountian resided the Shadow aptly named Shajhan. The Shadow took the form of a great man, dark and powerful. The Shajani were drawn to him, hoping to one day become like the High Men of Old. They were corrupted slowly, their blood poisened by his evil. Their spirits broke and were filled with hatred and darkness. They became warped and scarred by years of violence. They spilled into the Elvish forests and Dwarven mines killing, burning and raping. It was not until the Shadowlord Shajhan was sealed away that the Shajani disappeared for what seemed like would be forever. Apparently it was not to be...
Magical Abilities: Dre'noir was birthed in a world of fire, war and devastation. He is capable of wielding hand to hand weaponry with a significant degree of effectiveness. War and bloodlust flow through his viens and his Magic represents that. Dre;noir was known during the war as a Battlemage and a Spellsword. He combines melee with powerful magical attacks. Fireballs and Force spells and basic elemental powers.
Bio: Dre'noir was born just before The Shadow took a hold of the Shajani. He spent his short childhood riding in the plains and hearding the sheep. He tasted only for a brief moment the peace in which his people used to live. Then the Shadow fell on the Mountians. Dre'noir passed into adulthood through fire and flames. He was dragged into battles, nay, slaughters. Very little stood in the way of the Sajani for long. When thier riegn of terror came to an end, many Sajani were givin the mercy they had never gave and were merely sealed away. One is breaking out... Dre'noir.
Appearance: Dre'noir is tall by normal standards, he has long brown hair and a young face, he appears to be only twenty eight in age, he has a red eye coloring, slandered for Sajani. He wears light black plate armor and a sword at his side.. Although in the ancient times he would have been easily recognizable as a Sajani, by this time his race is forgotten by the common creature.

Character Name: Akira Matsuzawa
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Human, one of the shunned.
Magical Abilities (if any) : She doesn't really have any magical abilities. However, she is very skilled in combat.
Bio: Akira was born to a roaming mother and father. The family would constantly wander around. They never stayed in one place for more than two weeks. As she grew up, Akira was taught the Way of the Leaf. When she was seven, her parents had another child, Yori. One day, the family of four was wandering around on the edge of the mountains. Akira was sixteen and Yori was only nine. While they were walking, they were ambushed by a group of goblins. Akira's parents ran, but Yori was caught by the goblins. Akira watched as they murdered her little brother. She couldn't do anything because she had no weapons, since she was brought up by the Way of the Leaf. Afterwards, Akira threw away all her believes about the Way of the Leaf. She didn't look for her parents. Instead, she cursed their names for running out on their own son. She went to the nearest town and got a job for some money, which she used for weapons (which are a couple different swords). Now, Akira is wandering around again. She stumbled upon some humans once in a while, but they shun her for carrying weapons and forgetting the Way of the Leaf. She is on a mission to kill as many goblins and other hideous creatures as she can to avenge her little brother.
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Hands of Time characters
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