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 Miss McScoobus and aroseinthedark

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Miss McScoobus

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PostSubject: Miss McScoobus and aroseinthedark   Miss McScoobus and aroseinthedark Icon_minitimeFri Aug 08, 2008 1:35 am

Miss McScoobus and aroseinthedark Demon-1

My start:[/color]

Screams echoed through the stone hallways. Two gaurds stood in front of a heavy metal door. Screams that were neither demon, nor human ripped through thier eardrums, making them nervous and jittery.
The demon inside was chained heavily to the wall: her wrists were chained above her head, her ankles chained together and pulled down by heavy wieghts. Her jet-black wings had been tied to her body with magic chains, preventing her from spreading them.
Her eyes were wide, wild with hate and rage as she thrashed agaisnt her restraints, fighting to get free.

[Just wanted to let you know, I'll be gone for a week]
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Miss McScoobus and aroseinthedark
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