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 Yo ho! a pirate/vamps life for me?

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Yo ho! a pirate/vamps life for me? Empty
PostSubject: Yo ho! a pirate/vamps life for me?   Yo ho! a pirate/vamps life for me? Icon_minitimeFri Aug 08, 2008 6:54 pm

well..... this Role play will take place in the seas. I have decided to combine the pirates and the vampires cause I love both of them. It will be about how the vampires search the world for bloody gold (no they arent cursed, they will help them develop abilities that they will need to survive because the world will end). The vampires look a bit like regular pirates, except they have their infamous fangs.And by the way, they have a month to find those bloody coins before a comet destroys Earth.

I just wanted to start this, im trying to get used to making these. Well...
I hope I didnt violate any rules... if I did, im terribly sorry. anyways, please think about joining this if you want to. I will return in two weeks to see if anyone initiated the rp, or I will initiate it
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Yo ho! a pirate/vamps life for me?
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