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This is a site that is very similar to Gaia, but without the spammers :3
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 [One x One] D:

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PostSubject: [One x One] D:   [One x One] D: Icon_minitimeMon Jul 28, 2008 12:24 am

Welcome! o w o

<------- About the puppeteer ova there::

Well, I don't think you guys (and girls ) want my whole biography so, I'm just gonna tell it like it is, loll.

I'm a female, people get confused about that cause I tend to play as guy characters D:
Why? You ask, cause I join as guys to the RP's that need men!
Anyway, I prefer Vampire RP's, I always use loll. Notice the extra 'L'!
People asked, "Why do you put an extra L at the end of lol?..."
ANSWER:: Cause one of my friends did it all the time, it kinda stuck to me, but sadly I don't talk to him anymore D:
I am currently reading...*drum roll* nothing :gonk:
This is because I be poor and can't find any good books, I'm pretty much only interested in vampire books. <.<"""

1. I will play either or gender, meaning yes, I DO play as a girl! -crowd gasps-
02. I will do romance, but no cybering, okai? D:
03. Farthest I will go in that matter is when they get nude, hop in bed, then -time skip- Morning honey :3.
04. I can be literate, but I probably only will get to two paragraphs max :
05. I don't care if you're literate, as long as you type at LEAST 4 sentences, I'll be a happy role player.
06. I will not do yaoi, yuri, Im a strictly dickly if I'm playing a girl, and vise versa for the guys.
07. Also, no godmodding, it just kills the role play, ya' know? D:
08. Over PM's or Private threads, also, I don't mind cussing, I have a colorful vocabulary too. :3
09. I do not care whether you contact me VIA PM or this thread. Don't be scared I wont bite! 8D


Supernatural, like Vampires, faeries, Werewolves, etc. no not like Sci- fi Bigfoot, aliens. They tend to die D:

High school life

Battles, like in medieval times, ya' know... with kings, queens, princes, princesses, etc.

Anime role plays, especially random ones like Lucky Star :3

I'mma sucka for racexrace romance ;D

And I guess whatever you have to give me, cause I have no clue what to do for plots. D:

Now that I am experimenting in AIM with RPnig, you make choose to roleplay through an insant messenger. The ones I prefer you to use when doing so are AIM and MSN.

Buh- Bye D:

The Bird of Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame.
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[One x One] D:
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