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 Yo ho! a pirate/vamps life for me? characters

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PostSubject: Yo ho! a pirate/vamps life for me? characters   Fri Aug 08, 2008 7:01 pm

here you can intoduce your characters.

ummm so far I havent made one, but I will!
you have to state your....

AGE (prefferably 16-26)



SPECIAL VAMP ABILITIES ( i dunno, but no "im immortal" things, thats cheating

ORIENTATION (the rp will only be rated teen, maybe for slight sweating..no LEMONS! im only 15 Razz )

BACKGROUND (what happened to the individual before or while he became a pirate vamp)

MUSIC (what they might be hearing, or what might influence/inspire them to do stuff)
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Yo ho! a pirate/vamps life for me? characters
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